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Niagara Sheets partnered with WPS Global to implement a customized energy savings plan tailored specifically for the Tonawanda NY plant. Just 90 days after WPS Global installed its comprehensive energy solution, Niagara Sheets had already realized over $10,000 in savings.



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John Bolender, president, Niagara Sheets LLC, says the results met his initial expectations, “The data so far already demonstrates a nearly 15 percent reduction in kilowatts consumption compared to last year.”

Before implementing WPS Global’s audit and plan, the Niagara Sheets’ executive team – president, vice president of operations and comptroller – were tracking energy consumption and usage according to monthly KWH per MSF of production. With the solution in place, the team will receive reports from WPS Global making it effortless to see energy consumption and cost savings every month. According to Bolender, the executive team anticipates to see an ongoing positive impact on the facility’s bottom line.

WPS Global offers energy management for corrugated, paperboard and packaging facilities.

Surviving in the uber-competitive corrugated business means sheet feeders like Niagara Sheets must think out-of-the-box when it comes to reducing costs.

“Pennies can make the difference between making or losing a sale — we need to explore every opportunity to reduce our operating expenditures,” says  Bolender.

WPS Global is an energy management organization serving corrugated, paperboard and packaging businesses. The first step to having a customized energy saving audit and plan developed for your facility is easy, quick and painless. Contact Bill Behrmann at 888-803-2903 or