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Project: Schwarz Partners



Schwarz Partners Packaging (SPP), Miami, Florida, has found a unique solution to significantly reduce energy-related expenses. Following a comprehensive energy audit by WPS Global Inc. (, SPP Miami implemented a customized supply-side kilowatt reduction system that will result in noticeable savings within weeks. The savings will be realized in two ways: 1) reduced costs associated with sudden power loss and 2) reduced electrical usage and lower energy bills. The system also contributes to the company’s sustainability initiatives to reduce its carbon footprint.

Serving corrugated, paperboard and packaging businesses, WPS Global Inc. is an energy management organization. Each system placed by WPS Global Inc. is unique in that it is specifically designed to protect valuable computerized equipment and directly reduce a facility’s kilowatt consumption. SPP Miami’s decision to install a WPS Global Inc. system was prompted by the positive results and recommendations by other Schwarz-managed facilities, including Freedom Corrugated, PA, and Independence Corrugated, WI.

Underestimated Power Surges Create Unexpected Expenses
SPP Miami is faced with many electrical storms during the rainy season and throughout the year. It adopted WPS Global Inc.’s detailed plan and energy management system to combat expensive downtime and damage due to unexpected power surges.

“The energy management system we installed at SPP Miami is guaranteed to cut energy costs and reduce electrical usage by at least 10 percent,” explains Bill Behrman, senior system designer, WPS Global Inc. “Another bottom-line benefit is the system’s ability to protect valuable and sophisticated equipment from electrical surges. Many businesses with computerized machinery underestimate the costly affect Mother Nature’s electrical storms can have their equipment. The typical surge protection approach offers no guarantees, literally.”

Each WPS Global Inc. system involves a number of components that work together to divert electrical surges away from the equipment’s sensitive circuitry.  It redirects damaging surges with an arrangement of maintenance-free components installed on-site. The main component used for surge suppression is called a metal oxide varistor (MOV). This component is what deflects the surge, however, the MOV is just one component WPS Global Inc. uses in its system to deliver optimal protection.

Behrmann adds, “The system integrates other components, making it a truly unique approach and setting it apart from other surge protection options. The additional technologies allow the MOV to be used to its fullest potential and thereby give astoundingly fast reaction speeds and lower thresholds.”

Typical MOVs Offer No Guarantees
All MOVs used in surge protection devices (SPDs) are designed to take those larger, catastrophic electrical surges and divert them to the ground. While equipment manufacturers build-in MOV devices for protection, Behrmann says they currently offer customers no warranties against lighting or other causes of electrical surges and spikes. He adds, “This is because once the surge takes place, the MOV is damaged and rendered useless.”

It isn’t always the large catastrophic weather events that cause damage. A piece of equipment can be subjected to smaller electrical surges which over time cause damage.

WPS Global Inc.’s system is made to withstand any lightning event that can lead to damage. In the rare instance a unit sacrifices itself, WPS Global’s 10 year warranty guarantees the unit will be replaced.  The warranty covers the whole unit, not just certain components.

15-Year Lifespan
By creating a facility-specific plan, selecting equipment and placing it based on the customer’s particular needs, a WPS Global Inc. solution proactively protects high-tech machinery from electrical surges and quickly translates to enduring electrical savings for at least 15 years.

For more information about a customized energy audit and equipment surge protection, contact Bill Behrmann.