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iga logoWPS Global, Inc. reports that its energy management system install at Schaefer’s Food Mart, Crandon, WI, reduced the store’s electricity costs by 19 percent and its CO2 emissions by 200 tons over just a one-year period.

WPS Global installed the supply-side energy reduction system in the food mart’s 28,000 square foot facility in January 2015. At the time, the energy-conscience IGA brand grocery store anticipated a guaranteed cut of at least 10 percent in electricity costs and was reassured that it would make greater strides toward cutting its CO2 emissions.

WPS Global provides services and systems to heavy energy-using businesses to reduce wasteful consumption of electricity, decrease carbon dioxide emissions and protect equipment from damaging electrical surges. In U.S. grocery stores, refrigeration and lighting are the bulk end uses for electricity, using an average of 52.5 kilowatt-hours (kWh) of electricity per square foot annually. Energy costs can account for up to 15 percent of a grocery store’s operating budget. In a grocery mart like Schaefer’s, refrigeration and lighting represent about 65 percent of total use, making electricity the best target for energy savings.

CO2 graphic schaefersThe cost savings from the WPS Global solution are expected to pay back Schaefers’ investment within two years. In addition to the energy savings, Schaefer’s Food Mart has also seen a significant reduction in maintenance costs. “We have not lost a fan since the installation,” explains Jay Schaefer, owner, Schaefer’s Food Mart.

After WPS Global conducts a comprehensive audit, presents a detailed plan and implements a customized supply-side solution, customers see a reduction in energy usage and costs within just weeks. The system is built to produce enduring electrical savings for 15 plus years.

The WPS Global installation required no equipment or process changes and no investment in resources. Bill Behrmann, system designer, WPS Global Inc., expects the kilowatt reduction will continue to cut Schaefers’ electrical bill by thousands of dollars each month.

“Our system has cut energy costs and dramatically improved electricity efficiency for dozens of facilities. These results at Schaefer’s Food Mart don’t surprise us,” adds Behrmann. “And, the system we custom-designed for them will continue to reduce power consumption for years to come.”

WPS Global installs its system on all electrical equipment, including computer-driven equipment, the most sensitive and vulnerable to electrical surges. Each system involves a number of components that work together to divert electrical surges away from the equipment’s sensitive circuitry. Power surges can wreak havoc on expensive, electrical equipment, causing thousands of dollars in damage and production losses.

Berhmann adds, “A 19 percent reduction in electrical costs for any high-energy consuming facility has a direct and significantly positive impact of equal proportion to its profits.”

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