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This month we thought we’d step away from our typical update about the trends in energy reduction, electrical savings and environmental sustainability. Instead, your colleague, Bill Behrmann, senior systems designer at WPS Global Inc., would like to share a topic that’s a bit more personal.

It’s about the concept of “belief.”



I know.  Right away your mind goes to religion when you hear or read it.  But that is not the version of Belief I am talking about…

Belief sparks creativity!  It also gives us a sense of empowerment.  Belief is what put us where we are today. 

What is hard for most people is choosing to believe even when others insist that you are wrong.  Sometimes the evidence is overwhelmingly in your favor and sometimes it is not.  But, people hate to be embarrassed and wrong, so often – when someone says it can’t be done – most people will agree because of the fear of looking unwise.

We know that being wrong isn’t shameful, and in fact, it is what teaches us and helps each of us learn how to improve.  But, for us to achieve greater goals, we have to believe.  Whether that belief is in another person, company, machinery, process, or something off the wall that “can’t be true,” belief is at the core of innovation!

I see this innovation every day in my customers. It isn’t always a business’ CEO or executive leadership that are paving the way. On nearly every site visit I make, I see innovation coming from management and taking place on the plant floor.

So, no matter who you are, or what you do, just believe.  That’s the innovation that will keep you on top and continue to pave the way for new and improved breakthroughs.

After all, it was just over a decade ago when the utility companies claimed no one could reduce electrical demand.  Along with our customers, we believed that there was a way and proved them — and all the other “naysayers” — wrong.

Don’t stop believin’, my friends.

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