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If your facility operates computer-driven equipment, this is something you need to know.

All MOVs used in surge protection devices (SPDs) are designed to take those larger, catastrophic electrical surges and divert them to the ground. While equipment manufacturers build-in MOV devices for protection, they currently offer customers no warranties against lighting or other causes of electrical surges and spikes. This is because once the surge takes place, the MOV is damaged and rendered useless.

It isn’t always the large catastrophic weather events that cause damage. A piece of equipment can be subjected to smaller electrical surges which over time cause damage.

WPS Global’s Protective Energy Management System is made to withstand any lightning event that can lead to damage. In the rare instance a unit sacrifices itself, WPS Global’s 10 year warranty guarantees the unit will be replaced.  The warranty covers the whole unit, not just certain components.

WPS Global’s Protective Energy Management System is a maintenance-free surge protection solution. Once WPS Global installs a system, the customer need only check an indicator light periodically to ensure the unit is working properly.

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