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Are these New Year’s Resolutions on your Corrugated/Sheet Feeder Plant’s List?

Most corrugated, paperboard and packaging businesses will charge its management teams with one or more of these goals this year:

1. Reduce energy usage and costs

2. Protect equipment against electrical surges

3. Minimize impact on the environment

WPS Global Inc., an energy management organization, has helped dozens of industry leaders achieve and exceed these goals with a proprietary supply-side energy reduction system.

tappi presentation screenshot

The company’s founder and president, Bill Behrmann, presented the solution, its benefits, how it works and concrete examples of the system in action to TAPPI’s Corrugated Board Technical Service Committee (CORBOTEC).

You can view the presentation online to discover the many benefits to implementing WPS Global’s proactive energy saving strategy:

  • Your ROI is guaranteed
  • The results are trackable
  • The results are long-term
  • Your energy costs are significantly reduced
  • Your impact on the environment is reduced
  • Your equipment is protected from electrical surges

A one-on-one consultation with WPS Global is the first step your business needs to take to make achieving your New Year’s Resolutions a possibility. Contact us today.