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Energy costs are increasing and you’re looking for every opportunity to reduce those costs. Discover why so many of your peers have adopted a customized energy management solution from WPS Global. The following facts will give you an insider perspective on how your facility can plug into a new energy saving strategy that will truly impact your bottom line.

Who, What, Where, Why, When, and How

  • Who is this energy saving strategy designed for?
    • Corrugated, paperboard and packaging businesses
    • Operating equipment with high energy demands
  • What is it?
    • This energy saving strategy combines proprietary technology and components, installed on site, to create a custom-designed solution for each individual facility
    • While the solution is designed exclusively for the facility and its energy management needs, the end result to directly reduce kilowatt consumption, never waivers
    • Once in place, the system quickly translates to significant and enduring electrical savings for up to 15 years
  • Where is it installed?
    • The main switch gear is where power comes into the facility
    • WPS Global’s system starts its work here and filters the power for the entire facility
    • WPS Global’s system components are mounted in:
      • Drive cabinets
      • Lighting panels
      • Main switch gears
      • Buss bars
      • Disconnect clusters
      • Motors
    • And anywhere else to ensure the best results in kilowatt reduction
    • Reducing card loss and drive malfunctions
    • The facility’s power room after WPS Global’s system installation looks exactly as it did before the install
    • The system’s components are installed so that they are accessible but not noticeable
  • Why is it installed at the power source?
    • It is important to filter power at the drive cabinets because of the amount of sensitive equipment in a high volume action area
    • The voltage and amperage levels shown here demonstrate dirty power
    • Power distortion causes spikes in power usage and energy costs
  • When does the installation take place?
    • WPS Global will visit your facility and meet with you to conduct a comprehensive energy audit
    • The investment of time and resources on your part includes:
      • Hosting a facility walkthrough
      • Sharing your electrical data
    • The end result is a detailed plan that defines how we’ll implement a customized supply-side energy-saving system for your facility
    • After the installation, WPS Global systems need only an annual “light panel check,” during a facility’s routine preventative maintenance process
  • How does it work?
    • The customized plan for your facility involves proprietary technology
    • Provides your equipment with clean, controlled power
    • This power is made available when it is needed

Packaging businesses operating large, sophisticated converting equipment are earning higher profit margins by significantly lowering energy consumption with a proprietary supply-side KWH reduction system.

Customized specifically for your facility and equipment, WPS Global Inc.’s energy management system installation results in noticeable savings within weeks and will endure for up to 15 years. The savings are realized in three ways: 1) reduced costs associated with sudden electrical surges and power loss, 2) reduced electrical usage and lower energy bills, and 3) reduced carbon footprint, contributing to sustainability initiatives.

WPS Global Inc. is an energy management organization serving corrugated, paperboard and packaging businesses. For more information, contact Bill Behrmann at 888-803-2903 or, or visit