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WPS Global offers energy management for corrugated, paperboard and packaging facilities.

WPS Global offers energy management for corrugated, paperboard and packaging facilities.

Bill Behrmann says WPS Global can save a corrugated or paperboard plant money, even if it has newer equipment.

“You would think with newer machinery you wouldn’t see much of a saving, but it is susceptible to power fluctuations. We can save everybody money.”

As energy costs increase, corrugator plants are looking for every opportunity to reduce usage. One solution that several companies have embraced is from WPS Global Inc., an energy management organization. The proprietary technology ensures that the equipment in the corrugator plants is not using more power than it needs.

WPS Global’s system conditions the power inside the facility, feeding the equipment the electricity it needs, and not allowing it to draw any more than what it is expected to draw.

Behrmann,WPS Global president, explains:

“Part of the process is the tracking. If the tracking isn’t correct then you don’t see the full benefit of the system. We’ve never not went in and saved the company money. We’ve learned in the past that if we don’t do our end of it, if tracking isn’t correct we’re not showing the customer exactly what we’re saving them.”

There is no maintenance required and the solution does not affect the performance of machines. It enhances them. It protects them from dirty electricity which is not a consistent supply of power.

an insurance policy for saving

After WPS Global conducts a comprehensive energy audit, presents a detailed plan and implements your customized supply-side energysaving solution, within weeks you’ll see a reduction in your energy usage and costs. In fact, WPS Global offers a 10 percent reduction guarantee. Combined with its flexible leasing options, your business is assured a prompt return on your investment. This promise, along with projected savings and real-world success stories, helps WPS Global articulate the generous opportunity for cutting a plant’s operating costs.

“To survive, I feel we must be a low cost producer, and reducing our energy costs is one element of that strategy.”

– John B., President, NY-based sheet feeder

Shown in image on left:
This is a power quality meter reading taken before the WPS Global system is installed. The voltage and amperage levels shown illustrate dirty power.

lower bills and long term savings

Even with the most advanced, high efficiency equipment, you cannot realize optimal energy effectiveness or maximum savings. You must control the supply side of the equation. By implementing WPS Global’s specific system for your facility, you can achieve savings of upwards of 20 percent. Your facility’s efficiency will be greatly improved, thus significantly reducing the power being consumed by your facility.

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