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Dear Corrugated Facility Management,

I have good news for you, and some bad.

First, the bad news: if you don’t have a WPS Global Inc. energy reduction system running in your plant(s) right now, you’re never going to earn the significant savings that are available to you (and with zero effort or employee resources on your part). Your competitors and peers in the corrugated and sheet plant industry ARE ALREADY reaping the benefits. There are dozens of success stories. Recently PFFC featured one of those success stories. They reported: Corrugated | Converter Forecasts $1 Million Savings with Energy Reduction System

freedom savings chart

You may have to read the whole story to believe it. In short, the system has been in place for two years. And, Freedom Corrugated’s WPS Global energy management system has already earned it a 15.38 percent overall reduction in kWh usage and an energy cost savings of over $177,000. The savings will continue for at least another 13 years, resulting in an anticipated savings of more than $1,300,000 over a total of 15 years.

Other than cost savings, there are sustainability benefits as well. The WPS Global solution has lowered Freedom’s CO2 (carbon dioxide) emissions an average of 72.85 tons per month over 24 months. By year 15, the company expects to have cut its CO2 emissions by a total of 13,113 tons. Since the installation, Freedom Corrugated has seen savings in maintenance costs as well.

Now, the good news. Your operation is a simple WPS Global audit away from reducing its energy consumption by a double digit percentage. This translates to thousands of dollars in savings each month. This is no exaggeration. Can you imagine where you could re-invest that money toward running a more productive, efficient business? That is, unless you don’t mind having that expense going to the utility company rather than your bottom line.

Turn the bad news into good news … today. Schedule a customized energy audit for your facility (obligation and risk free). Simply contact Bill Behrmann at 888-803-2903 or

Oh, and there’s more good news. Where other “energy management” services struggle is in guaranteeing performance. WPS Global offers an insurance policy for energy cost savings. After WPS Global conducts a comprehensive energy audit, presents a detailed plan and implements your customized supply-side energy-saving solution, within weeks you’ll see a reduction in your energy usage and costs.

In fact, WPS Global offers a 10 percent reduction guarantee.

I hope you’ll take us up on doing an audit for your facility. Get in touch with me soon to schedule yours.


Bill Behrmann